Lectures Published

On my first night back in Calig in the middle of September after our trip to Italy and my visits to Barcelona and Tarragona, Aureli Querol, the editor of Vila de Càlig, brought over his latest Supplement, the two talks I had given in Calig, Voces del pasado (2006) and Salir del silencio (2008). He had painstakingly translated them into valenciano, the first language of Càlig but which older people have trouble reading as they were taught in Castilian. Only a few copies had already been distributed and the day I left Càlig the rest were given out so I didn’t hear too much commentary. The son of one of the interviewees was very touched to read about his father and was impressed by the amount of information in the talks. Because there was no acknowledgment of the translator, he assumed I had written the talks in valenciano and congratulated me on how well I could write it. Then I received word that in a political meeting someone quoted from the first talk on the theme of destruir, construir, which a 94-year old man interspersed throughout his interview in reference to war, loss of historical monuments, and skirmishes in Càlig with people from the nearby village (in 1907).

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