Almond factory revisited

While revising Chapter 5 on the Spanish Republic in Càlig, Martha and Fabián reread the stories about the strike the CNT led against the almond factories in the fall of 1932 to secure better working conditions for the women workers. Amador Bonet, a leader of the CNT in Càlig, mentioned going to the factory a few doors down from his house on the Calle de Socorro where the factory owner, Enrique Añó, refused their demands. He then went left down the Calle del Rey to the factory of Joaquín Anglés who acceded to their demands. The women from that factory went up their street and demonstrated in front of the Añó factory. After a week Añó finally gave in. Conditions did improve and the women then worked 8 hours a day and received 2 reales (about 50 centimos in 1932) more. Fabían and Martha explored the factory on Calle Socorro in May which they were told belonged to Joaquín Anglés. The confusion was cleared up by a conversation with Rosita Fontanet whose father had worked for Añó and the testimony given by Joaquín Anglés to the newly-established Franco regime in 1938 in which he stated that all the almonds in his factory were carried up to Añó’s place. Añó was assassinated in a field near the road to Vinarós. I heard gruesome descriptions from several people of his unfortunate demise. At one point, el baile de la rosa was held in the entrance to the factory or in the street in front of it.

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