Working Conditions in Càlig, June 12, 2011

It is always hard to work on a project in Spain because there are so many distractions:  people unexpectedly drop by, there is a ceremony in the upper part of the village, Martha has coffee with her friends, Fabián needs his beach time, and one has to shop daily for meals because food seems to mold in the new refrigerator.  When we do get down to business, it is more fun to work outside on the terrace than inside. Now we have two companions that stare at us:  a dog whose head appears from the terrace on the right and Pinou le lapin on the left runs around his cage. The rabbit is quiet and the dog only barks occasionally. The swallows plunge down flying close to the rooftops. When we arrived, they were busy constructing their nests and now they’re busy feeding their young chicks.

As we write this blog, we are sitting in a restaurant next to the sea owned by good friends having just eaten grilled artichokes.  The clouds are beginning to turn pink as the sun sets in the hills behind us.  Any frustrations with this overwelming project are temporarily suspended.

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