Will it work?

Martha finally decided to get a new iMac after 7 years with the old one which was on the verge of being disconnected from the Internet, but it had a wonderful glare free monitor.  The new Mac has great search capabilities which are essential for this project.  Now if Martha can remember a quote but can’t locate the file, the Finder does it for her.   If only the Mac could organize all the files for her.

What could be Chapter VI about the Civil War period is proving very difficult to put together so Martha and Fabián have resorted to working on one section at a time.

Martha has finished the part about sacking the church and is trying to deal with the stories about the killings that occurred in the first few months.   The grisly details were mostly found in some official documents prepared by the new Franco regime in the village.  However, two sisters and a brother I interviewed were friends of some of the victims.

One of the challenges was reading the handwriting of the government official who reported the happenings from 1936 to 1938 which were from the view of the Right.

While we did make out that a Ford truck and a Phillips radio were confiscated in the early days of the Revolutionary period, we couldn’t decipher the model of the car which was “borrowed” for two weeks for the cause.

The Revolutionaries took several pairs of  overalls (the proper dress of the Left during the War) from a local dry-goods store in the plaza where the town hall is now.  One day walking near there with a friend, we encountered the daughter of the owner of the store (which is no longer there).  Without thinking,  Martha asked her where the Anarchist casino had been which Martha knew had been nearby. She walked away without answering.   Martha’s friend then  told her the story of the overalls.

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