Revolución y muertos

While Martha and Fabián were reading accounts of the first days of the Spanish Revolution of July 1936, Egypt was undergoing its revolution.  In Spain then the problem was a military uprising and the people were defending the Republic.  Chaos reigned those first few months in Càlig when bold young men of different political persuasions cleaned out the religious imagery in the church and loaded it onto truck beds and carried it to a plaza in town and to the dry river bed on the edge of town and burned it.  Since the government collapsed with the Franco proclamation, the anti-Fascist committee patrolled the area.   Some over-zealous young men on the left terrorized the equally over-zealous Catholic right.  When the Nationalist forces attacked working class  men, women and children of leftist beliefs and killed thousands, the Anarchists gave the order to kill.   Fabían and Martha poured over lists of priests and extremist Catholics in Càlig who were assassinated in retaliation.   It seems there were about twelve or thirteen who died at that time.   Some of the official accounts and personal narrations were horrifying.

At the same time, Gitano, Martha’s 12 year old black dog, was suffering from bone cancer and barking pathetically all night wanting relief from his pain.  Lana and Martha took him to Dr. Flowers who performed the last rites.  Now Gitano is free to wander all the ditches he likes.



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1 Response to Revolución y muertos

  1. Lana says:

    Yes. It was a very sad day for Martha and me to lose one wonderful, beloved dog, named Gitano.

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