Ups and Downs

Yesterday Martha was ready to throw in the towel after she discovered two hours of writing disappeared into cyberspace and several pages of transcription missing.  Fortunately she reconstructed the missing paragraphs and Fabian listened to the tape in the optometrist’s waiting room and filled in the parts left out while Martha had her eyes tested.  The optometrist agreed that cataract surgery could wait until the project is done.  Another reason to keep at it.


Today we read through a fascinating interview in which an 85-year old anarchist described the conflicts which arose with  the formation of the collective at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War followed by several stories about Franco’s prisons.  Imagine being in a cell one night and the guards passed by and took two of the prisoners from your cell and one from each cell on either side of you.   “Then, in the early morning stillness you heard bang, bang, one; bang, bang, another;  bang, bang another.”   And the ones who survived would continue to wonder what would happen the next night.

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