Organizing themes in the Amador and Manuel interviews

Amador and Manuel were two anarchists, 90 and 85 respectively, whom I interviewed extensively in 1991 and 1992.  I so enjoyed talking with them and learning about their lives and their ideas that I kept visiting with them until the end of my stay.  Unfortunately Manuel died in April of 1992 and Amador in January of 1993.  Sometimes their voices were weak from fatigue or illness but they wanted to tell me about what anarchist ideals meant to them, what it was like at the beginning of the Civil War in Càlig, how the collective was organized, what the Franco jails were like, how they helped set up an agricultural cooperative in 1956, and their reflections on happenings in Spain and Europe in the early 90s.  As they reminisced, their conversation wandered from one subject to another.  When I try to organize this material, I sometimes find 5 themes on one page.  Sometimes the stories are repeated, with a new fact added in.  It is wonderful to listen to them talking again and reading their interviews but it is very hard to organize.

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