juez de Cervera

Another day working on the transcription of the Juez de Cervera story that Daniel and Pura told me back in 1992.  Not only do I have notes from then and a transcription done by Sergio Duran in 2006, Fabián digitized the taped interview and we have listened to this section which is at the beginning of the interview numerous times.  Daniel was 94, there is an echo, and his niece speaks from a distance.  Today we learned that the word I transcribed as cacarreo (clucking of hens) was careo, a dispute between two governing bodies according to my friend Rosita.  Salvador later said it was the act of hearing  conflicting stories before a judge to see which was true.  Well, we certainly are finding out  several versions of how a judge from a neighboring town got killed and why.   My favorite is the English version which lost something in translation.  That reporter wrote that the dispute was over adulterated milk sold by the milkman from Cervera in Càlig.  In 1907 there was a milkman in Càlig?  They had goats, not cows, and they wouldn’t be buying milk from a neighboring village when they had their own.  The expression “tiene mala leche” comes to mind and here, instead of a grumpy person, it could refer to an irate village whose judge had just been killed and no one was confessing.  Shades of Fuenteojuna.

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